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About Us

About Wakefield Engineering & Construction Limited

The company was founded in June 2006 initially operating as a business name and later pursuing registration with the Ministry of Public Works as registered contractor.
To date, the firm is a Private Limited Company with shares split among the directors. The firm has also since 2013 been incorporated at the companies registry as a Limited Liability Company.

The company’s in-house ability to achieve positive results over time has seen its perfection in disciplines of;

  • Renovation and refurbishment works
  • General construction
  • Project management
  • Turnkey projects
  • Interior works to design and execution
  • Structural design and fabrication
  • Water supply and reticulation
  • Sewerage design and installation

We are a relationship-oriented office dedicated to making the inception to completion of the project a successful experience not only for our client but a joy for us in its creation.

Our Goals

Since the merger of the different disciplines under Wakefield, our management team has understood that operating a successful business in today’s world requires the delicate balancing of diverse needs and objectives.
Towards this, four corporate goals have been adopted, and upon these rest our business philosophy, namely;

  • To improve the quality of life in the communities where we work.
  • To ensure that our work processes are as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • To provide people within the company with opportunities for fulfillment.
  • To provide financial and physical results that will reward those who work with us.

These goals cannot be placed in any order as each is indispensable to the other towards achieving success.

Our Strategies

It is our policy to clearly define, communicate and understand the work requirements and confirm the requirements with the aim of achieving sustained profitable growth by providing services that consistently exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. Our commitment to total quality management is founded in our co-operate values in which all staff are individually responsible for the quality of their work resulting in a continually improving work environment for all.

Value Construction

By carefully evaluating your project before the development or construction begins, we can identify and plan works, identify potential problems and find the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to your unique project- thereby not only resulting in considerable financial savings within the project but also ensuring that the works are completed within the time frame allowed and are of the highest standards possible.

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