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Interior Design & Execution

Interior Design & Execution

Interior design involves planning, coordination, and supervising the art and science of an interior space that enhances the building thus achieving an aesthetically pleasant and welcoming environment. When considering the type of interior design you want in your space there are several basic principles to consider first, such as; Harmony, balance, rhythm emphasis, contrast, and proportion. During the execution of this process, we will take our clients through Clarifying what the project is about, the project location, developing an idea and feel/ tone and theme of the project for space. Space planning follows, where we use the architectural plan to design a new functional layout with all the furniture. Our designer then sketches dimensional views and takes the client through selecting the finishes and materials- stone, fabrics, rugs, or timber samples that will be used in the design. Finally, a technical cut drawing, which includes drawing designs in computer-aided designs (CAD) and presenting different views of the project in 3D computer visuals to show what the design will look like from a realistic point of view.

Our services include:

  • Residential interior services
  • Commercial Interior designs
  • Painting and special paint effects
  • Gypsum Ceiling
  • Office Partitioning
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